I started with a sole proprietorship in college, and registered DeLaOsa & Associates, LLC, on September 12, 2000. The company has been involved in a lot of things with a rotating cast of characters, from project management advice to moderate-sized development projects to digital imaging. After mentoring people on achieving their PMPs (as offered by PMI) for the past few years, we decided to expand the company’s first websites (delaosa.com and delaosa.net) here. Topics will be project management, agile development, business analysis, related issues on software development (security, privacy, accessibility, etc.), or other things as might be interesting. Although striving to be a community service, if traffic becomes extensive, the company reserves the right to monetize content.

I’ve had the privilege of leading teams in the Windows, Windows Server and Azure Divisions of Microsoft Corporation for over twenty years. The opinions and views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily state or reflect those of Microsoft Corporation. Original content solely belongs to DeLaOsa & Associates, LLC.

If you have questions about the site, or think something is inappropriately credited, please contact Kerry or me by my first name at delaosa.com. One of us will make adjustments. Unfortunately, we can’t offer specific project management advice in email; there are literally millions upon millions of you and only a few of us. For formal projects, Kerry will book a no-cost hour Zoom consult. Speaking engagements are per day rates, plus travel. Teaching engagements are per student with a fifteen student minimum.