Clarke and Conjuring!

Rather than being a project manager, wouldn’t you rather be a project magician? What if every project you did came out like magic? Tada!

Projects can run smoothly, like magic, but, like technology, there are a lot of things to know and understand.  Complex things behind the scenes are integrated to produce amazing experiences.

My wife and I used to have discussions that were sometimes punctuated by “that can’t be right”. One of us would say “The US had a plan to invade Canada after WWI” (turns out, we did). Once upon a time, you had to go to the library, or boot a computer, or otherwise figure out the answer. Now? Middle of the discussion, out comes a cell phone. BAM! There’s an answer. We go, “huh!” and keep talking. Cell phones have fundamentally changed the way we conduct conversations. And use maps, buy tickets, etc.

How does that technology magic happen? Well, the answer is “a lot of work and services under the covers”. For example, GPS, which involves satellites all around the globe. Each one of those services is very complex, requiring skill and resources to create. If you’re not in the industry, and just interested in sharing pictures of your dog, a cell phone is simply magic.

How do you learn to do project magic? Sorting the wheat from the chaff, or the magic from the dust, can be difficult. Sometimes you need a guide. What I will provide you is some tools and understandings across a variety of topics and linked articles, all things to add to your bag of tricks.

Let’s do some magic.